can you wash bathroom rugs with clothes

can you wash bathroom rugs with clothes

Can You Wash Bathroom Rugs with Clothes?

Most people are accustomed to cleaning their bathroom rugs but don’t often think of washing them with other laundry. In some cases, washing bathroom rugs with clothes can be a great way to clean them without having to do it separately. However, there are many things to consider before you attempt to machine wash your bathroom rug.

Important Factors to Consider

  • The material type – You need to check the label of your bathroom rug to find out what kind of material it is made from. Certain materials cannot be machine washed.
  • The colour – Not only can darker colours bleed onto lighter coloured clothes, lighter colours can also fade and lose their vibrant colour if washed with other laundry.
  • The size of your rug – If your rug is too big for your washing machine then you run the risk of damaging it or the machine itself.

Steps for Washing Bathroom Rugs in the Washing Machine

After you have considered the above factors and determined that your bathroom rug is able to be machine washed, here’s how you can wash it safely and effectively:

  • Use cold or lukewarm water – Hot water can fade and warp many materials, so cold or lukewarm water is best.
  • A gentle cycle – Like all other laundry, bathroom rugs need to be washed gently. A gentle cycle is the best choice.
  • A mild detergent – It is best to use an all natural or mild detergent when washing bathroom rugs.
  • Separate light and dark colours – Just like when washing clothes, it is important to separate light and dark coloured bathroom rugs.
  • Air dry – Once all of the laundry is clean, hang the bathroom rug up to air dry.

By taking all of these factors into account and following these steps, you can safely and effectively wash bathroom rugs with your other laundry.

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