can you wash clothes when it’s cold outside

can you wash clothes when it’s cold outside

Can You Wash Clothes When It’s Cold Outside?

With winter rapidly approaching and temperatures beginning to drop, you may be wondering whether it’s possible to wash your clothes when it’s cold outside. Ultimately, you can wash your clothes in cold weather conditions but it’s important to consider alternative methods of washing when the temperature outside is below freezing.

Using Cold Water

Using cold water when washing clothes in cold weather is relatively straightforward. This is because all washing machines feature a setting for cold water wash. When selecting the cold option, the clothes will be washed using cold water, not just lukewarm water. Remember that you should select a cold water cycle for best wash performance and to reduce the amount of energy consumed by the machine.

Hang Drying

When it’s cold outside, it is not advisable to hang your clothes on the line to dry. This is because the weather can cause clothes to freeze, leading to a reduction in absorbency and a decrease in performance. In addition, the cold temperatures can also cause stains to become set in the clothes and fabric.

Fortunately, there are alternative methods of drying that can be used in cold weather. To ensure the best results, it is recommended to:

  • Hang the clothing indoors in a warm and dry area. This will help to prevent freezing and keep the fabric from becoming too stiff.
  • Invest in a clothes dryer. Although clothes dryers consume large amounts of energy, they can be a great option for drying clothes quickly and efficiently when it’s cold outside.
  • Keep your clothing close to a heat source. This will help to dry the clothing faster and prevent it from becoming stiff.


When the temperatures drop, you can still wash your clothes, provided you select the cold water cycle and invest in alternative methods of drying for best results. Taking the time to consider your options and choose the right method for the weather conditions can help ensure that your clothing is clean and lasts longer.

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