can you wash clothes when it’s cold outside

can you wash clothes when it’s cold outside

Can You Wash Clothes When It’s Cold Outside?

As winter approaches, the questions of whether or not you can wash your clothes when it’s cold outside become more frequent. After all, it feels like common sense that it is better to wash clothes in warmer weather.

But, the truth is that you can certainly still wash your clothes in colder weather – it’s just a bit trickier than normal. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Set the right temperature

If you are washing your clothes in cold weather, it is important to make sure you set the right temperature for the cycle. Colder temperatures like 30 degrees Celsius or less can work, but it is best to avoid the hot settings.

2. Choose your detergent carefully

When washing your clothes in cold weather, you want to make sure you are using a detergent that is designed for cold water. There are a few detergents on the market that are specifically created for cold washes, so make sure to keep this in mind when making your selection.

3. Try using wool cycle

If you have a washing machine that has a special wool cycle, this can be a great option for colder weather washes. This cycle is designed to be gentler on the clothes, which is important when washing in colder temperatures.

4. Use less detergent

When washing your clothes in cold temperatures, it is important to use less detergent than you normally would. This is because detergents tend to work less effectively in cold water, which can lead to clothes not getting as clean as they should.

5. Air-dry your clothes

When it’s cold outside, it is best to air-dry your clothes rather than put them through a hot dryer cycle. This is because the heat of the dryer can actually shrink your clothes, and this is more likely to happen in cold weather.

Overall, it is entirely possible to wash your clothes in cold weather – it just requires a bit of extra care. Make sure to follow the tips above for the best possible results. Good luck!

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