can you wash clothes when it’s freezing outside

can you wash clothes when it’s freezing outside

Can You Wash Clothes in Freezing Temperate?

If you’re tired of wearing your winter clothes that already need a wash but the outside temperature makes it impossible to do so, you may have asked yourself: Can you wash clothes when it’s freezing outside? The short answer is yes, though you’ll need to keep a few important tips in mind for the best results.

Tips for Washing Clothes in Freezing Temperatures

  • Avoid hand-washing at all costs. Hand-washing is especially ill-advised during the winter, as it can cause freezing of the water and further extreme chills. Stick to using the machine and set the cold water setting accordingly.
  • Don’t let the clothes freeze. Aim to remove your clothes from the washing line as soon as they’re done to avoid them drying with the cold.
  • Keep the dryer on a low setting. After the cleansed garments have been taken off the washing line, put them in the dryer. However, be sure to keep the setting on low to prevent further shrinkage and fabric damage.
  • Add fabric conditioner. Lastly, adding some fabric conditioner to the wash will work to soften up the clothes, even after washing them in cold water.

Final Thoughts

Although it can be quite difficult to wash your clothes in freezing temperatures without damaging the fabrics, it is possible. By following the aforementioned tips, you’ll be able to achieve cleaner, softer clothes without chancing shrinkage or extreme cold.

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