can you wash clothes with pine sol

can you wash clothes with pine sol

What is Pine Sol?

Pine Sol is a multi-purpose cleaner commonly used in households across the United States. It has a pine-scented formula and is effective at cutting through tough grease and grime.

Can You Wash Clothes with Pine Sol?

It can be tempting to use Pine Sol for all of your cleaning needs, including washing clothes. But several factors should be taken into consideration before using Pine Sol for laundry:

  • Bleaching properties: Pine Sol has bleach in it, so it is important to take care when using it around fabric. The bleach in Pine Sol could cause discoloration of fabrics.
  • Wash temperature: Pine Sol should only be used in cold water to prevent any bleaching or discoloration. Hot water might also break down the ingredients faster, resulting in a weaker formula.
  • Mildew: Pine Sol is not an effective mildew preventative, nor will it remove mildew stains.


In short, while you can wash clothes with Pine Sol it is not recommended. Pine Sol is better suited for cleaning hard surfaces and it should be used with caution around fabrics. Always test a small area of fabric to ensure it doesn’t discolor and never add bleach to the mix. If you are looking for a better and safer way to get your clothes clean, stick with a mild detergent.

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