can you wash colored clothes in hot water

can you wash colored clothes in hot water

Can You Wash Colored Clothes in Hot Water?

Though it is tempting to wash all our clothes in hot water to kill germs, doing so could lead to damage of our colored clothes. Washing colored clothes in hot water can cause the dye in the clothes to run and ruin the color of the garments.

Risks of Washing Colored Clothes in Hot Water

  • Color Fading: Colored clothes can fade and change color if exposed to high temperatures for too long.
  • Color Bleeding: The dye used in the clothes may bleed from the cloth and run onto other clothes washed in the same load.
  • Clothing Damage: The heat from the hot water can damage clothing fibers, resulting in weakened clothes that can be less durable.

Tips for Washing Colored Clothes

  • Check the wash instructions on the clothing tag before washing to see the recommended wash temperature.
  • If the clothes are washable in cold water, opt for cold water instead of hot water to protect the color of the clothes.
  • Avoid overloading the washing machine with too many clothes as this increases friction between the clothing items and can cause color fading.
  • Use color-safe detergents and opt for a gentle wash setting on the washing machine.
  • Consider handwashing delicate colored clothing instead of machine washing in hot water.

To protect the color of your colored clothes and to make them last longer, it is best to avoid washing them in hot water. If you must wash them in hot water, be sure to follow the wash instructions and use gentle settings and color-safe detergents. Following these tips can help ensure that your colorful clothes stay vibrant for years to come.

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