can you wash crochet clothes

can you wash crochet clothes

Can You Wash Crochet Clothes?

Crochet clothes can be a great way to add a unique and handmade touch to your wardrobe. But can these kinds of handmade clothes also be washed just like regular clothes?

The answer is yes — you can wash crochet clothes, but you must handle them carefully and use the right methods. Here are some tips for keeping your crochet items clean and looking like new:

Tips for Washing Crochet Clothes

  • Gently Handwash: The safest way to clean crochet clothes is to handwash them in cool water. Soak the item for a few minutes, rinse it off with cool water, then lay it flat to dry.
  • Use a Washing Machine: If you’d rather use a washing machine, use the delicate setting on your machine. Set the temperature to cool and also use a gentle, mild detergent.
  • Don’t Tumble Dry: Crochet clothes should never be tumble dried — this can cause shrinkage or damage the fabric fibers. Once the item is washed, gently squeeze out the excess moisture, then lay it flat to air dry.


Crochet clothes can easily be washed — just make sure to handle them gently and choose the right washing method. If you follow these steps, your crochet clothes will stay looking perfect for a long time!

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