can you wash khaki pants with colored clothes

can you wash khaki pants with colored clothes

Can you Wash Khaki Pants with Colored Clothes?

When it comes to washing your clothes it is best to separate the clothes into lights and darks, but what about khaki pants? Can you wash khaki pants with colored clothes?

The answer is yes, but with a few considerations. Here are a few tips you can consider when choosing to mix khaki pants with colored clothes:

Choose Clothes with Similar Colors

To be on the safe side, choose washing load combinations based on similar colors. For example, pair khaki pants with a navy blue shirt, maroon shirt, and a tan shirt.

Use Cold Water

Choose cold water for washing all items in the same load. The lower the water temperature, the less likely the colors with bleed into each other during the wash cycle.

Turn Garments Inside Out

Before placing everything in the washing machine, turn the garments inside out. This will help minimize any rubbing or tension between the fabric of the clothes that could cause color transfer.

Use a Gentle Setting

Set your washing machine to the gentle cycle. This slow cycle helps to preserve the color and fabric of the clothes, especially if any of the items are new.

Add a Color Catcher

To be on the safe side and help protect against color bleeding, add a color catcher to the load. The color catcher will absorb the dye released during the wash, minimizing the impact on all of the fabrics.

Air Dry or Use the Low Setting

To be extra safe, air dry your khaki pants with colored clothes or, if using the dryer, set it to the low setting. High temperatures can cause color fading so keep it as low and as cool as possible.

Following these simple tips will help you safely wash khaki pants with colored clothes and keep your clothes looking like new.

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