can you wash khaki pants with white clothes

can you wash khaki pants with white clothes

Can You Wash Khaki Pants with White Clothes?

While it may be tempting to throw all your laundry together and cross your fingers, it’s really important to sort your wash correctly and this includes separating your white and coloured clothes. Generally speaking, most items labelled as ‘khaki’ are safe to wash with your white clothes, unless otherwise indicated on the clothing tags.

Things to Consider

  • Fading – Whites will maintain their colour best when not washed with anything other than whites, as colour dyes may transfer onto to the fabric. To protect and maintain the whites, it is best to have a separate load and wash your khaki pants on a cool, delicate cycle with like colours.
  • Staining – If the hygienic care and stain treating labels are missing from khaki items, then opt for cold water and a gentle cycle. Also, be sure to double-check for any stains that may bring colour onto white items.
  • Specific Care Instructions – Before washing any clothing item with whites, check the clothing tags for more information. If there is any variation from the usual care instructions, be sure to follow them as closely as possible.

Tips for Washing Coloured and Light Items

  • Turn items inside out before washing.
  • Sort clothes into even small piles keeping whites, light and coloured items apart.
  • Use mild detergents and a colour-safe bleach.
  • Wash coloured and light items separately.
  • Choose on a delicate cycle and cold water.

To ensure you get the most out of your clothes, it’s best to not risk staining and fading of your whites. It’s also best to keep in mind that, while many khaki items can be washed with white items, some items may be of delicate fabrics and should be washed separately. So, when in doubt – wash separate.

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