Can you wash khakis with white clothes?

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Can You Wash Khakis with White Clothes?

It is a commonly asked question whether or not you can mix wash khakis and white clothes in the washing machine. On one hand, people think that doing this is the best way to maintain their khaki and white clothes, while on the other hand, some fear that mixing these two colors will result in stains, discoloration, and ruin the clothes. So, what is the right decision?

Things to Consider

Below are some things you should consider when deciding whether or not to wash your khakis and white clothes together:

    • Temperature: Washing the two colors together should always be done at a low temperature. Washing the clothes together in hot water could potentially lead to the fabric shrinking or fading in color.


    • Load Size: It is also important to make sure that when you are washing the two colors together, the load size should not be too heavy. Otherwise, the pieces might rub against each other too much and lead to discoloration or fading.


    • Detergent: Choose a detergent suitable for both colors. Heavy-duty laundry detergent might be too harsh to wash khakis and light-colored clothes.


    • Separate Bleach: Avoid using bleach with these two colors as this might lead to discoloration. If you want to use bleach, make sure you are using it on one of the colors separately.



Given the above points, we can conclude that it is possible to wash khakis with white clothes, but only if certain precautions are taken. Washing the two colors together can help save time, but it is important to be extra careful and make sure the load size is not too heavy, the temperature is low, the detergent is suitable for both colors, and you avoid using compounds such as bleach on the two colors together.

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