can you wash lead out of clothes from shein

can you wash lead out of clothes from shein

Can You Wash Lead Out of Clothes From Shein?

Shein is a popular online clothing store, but are you putting your family’s safety at risk when you buy from them? Many shoppers are becoming concerned about the possibility that Shein clothes may contain lead.

What Is Lead?

Lead is a toxic metal that can accumulate in the body and cause serious long-term health issues. Lead exposure is especially dangerous for growing children and babies, who can experience developmental delays and cognitive impairments.

Is Shein Clothing Contaminated with Lead?

Some reports indicate that some Shein clothing is contaminated with lead, but the company hasn’t issued an official statement. Shein has set up a Twitter account to address customer concerns, but they reportedly haven’t responded to any lead-related inquiries.

Is It Safe to Wash Lead Out of Clothes From Shein?

The best way to ensure that any lead contamination is completely washed away is by using a detergent specifically designed to remove heavy metals. If lead is detected in your Shein clothing, hand-washing the item with a lead-removing detergent is the safest option.

Are There Alternatives to Washing Lead Out of Clothes From Shein?

If you suspect lead exposure from Shein clothing, you have a few alternatives to washing. Here are a few to consider:

  • Send the item back: Shein offers a generous return policy for those who are unhappy with their purchases. This is an easy and effective way of avoiding any lead exposure.
  • Throw it away: If returning it isn’t an option, you can dispose of the item so that it doesn’t continue to release lead.
  • Donate it: Some thrift stores may accept Shein clothing if it tested negative for lead. Before donating them though, contact the store to make sure they will accept the item.


Washing lead out of clothes from Shein is possible with the right detergent and washing regimen. But if you’re concerned about lead contamination, it’s best to return or dispose of the item.

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