can you wash mold off clothes

can you wash mold off clothes

Is it Possible to Wash Mold off Clothes?

Mold is a type of fungus that can grow on clothing and other fabrics, leading to an unpleasant scent and discoloration. It can aggravate allergies or cause skin reactions, so it’s important to remove it quickly. But is it possible to wash mold off your clothes? There are a few tips that may help.

Steps to Removing Mold from Clothes

  • Check the Care Label – Before attempting to remove the mold from your item of clothing, it is important to refer to the care label. Not all fabrics can handle strong cleaning chemicals, so if your care label instructs delicate handling, it’s best to take your item to the dry cleaner.
  • Wash on Hot – Hot water will kill most mold spores. If your care label allows for it, set your washing machine to the hottest available setting. Additionally, use the highest spin speed possible to thoroughly remove the mold and accompanying moisture.
  • Use an Enzyme Detergent – Enzyme detergents are specifically designed to remove difficult stains and odors, such as mold. Use the same amount of detergent as you would for a normal load of laundry.
  • Use Bleach – Bleach is known to effectively kill mold spores. Always add bleach to a washing machine and fill it with water before adding the clothes, as adding clothes and detergent AFTER the bleach could cause your clothes to be damaged.
  • Air Dry – Allow the clothes to air dry in direct sunlight and natural heat. Sunlight will also help to bleach any stains that the mold might have left.

Other Tips for Removing Mold from Clothes

  • For more delicate garments and fabrics, it’s best to hand wash the item in hot water and detergent, making sure to submerge it completely and rotate the garment so that all areas are effectively cleaned.
  • White vinegar can be used in place of bleach, as it is a natural disinfectant. Vinegar should always be used in combination with a detergent for ultimate cleaning.
  • The moldy clothes should be washed separately from the rest of your laundry, as mold spores can easily spread from one garment to another.
  • If the mold has left a strong smell and is difficult to remove, try soaking the garment in a vinegar and water solution.


It is possible to remove mold from clothes, as long as you follow the appropriate steps and assess the vulnerability of the fabric before doing so. The most important thing is to remove the mold quickly and effectively, to prevent any health risks.

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