can you wash mold out of colored clothes

can you wash mold out of colored clothes

Can You Wash Mold Out of Colored Clothes?

Mold can produce a musty odor that lingers in clothes, making them unpleasant to wear. Unfortunately, mold can sometimes build up on colored clothing. Since many types of colored fabrics require special care, you may be wondering if you can wash the mold away without further damaging them.

What To Know Before You Washing Colored Clothes With Mold

Before you attempt to wash mold from your colored clothing, there are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Check the Care Label – Every article of clothing may have different instructions. Follow the instructions on the care label before taking any detergent or cleaning action.
  • Consider Sunlight – The sun might be strong enough to kill and lighten the mold on your colored clothing. Try to hang the clothing in direct sunlight after it has been soaked in a mild detergent.
  • Check the Clothes – Before starting the washing process, check the clothing for any discoloration or mold spots. These spots should be treated with a diluted bleach solution.

How To Wash Mold Out of Colored Clothes

Here are the steps for washing mold out of colored clothes:

  • Soak the Clothes – Start by soaking the clothes in a mild detergent and cold water, allowing them to sit for 15-20 minutes.
  • Treat Spots – Gently scrub any spots that are discolored or have mold spots on them with a diluted bleach solution.
  • Wash the Clothes – Wash the clothes in the washing machine, using the gentlest cycle possible. Don’t overload the machine, as this can cause the clothes to retain moisture, which can lead to further mold growth.
  • Dry the Clothes – After washing, hang the clothes up to dry in direct sunlight or use a line dryer. This will further reduce the chances of the mold returning.


Though it may be tempting to forgo proper cleaning, it is essential to properly remove mold from colored clothes as soon as possible. If you follow the steps listed above, you should be able to wash and remove the mold from your colored clothing.

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