can you wash sheets and clothes together

can you wash sheets and clothes together

Can You Wash Sheets and Clothes Together?

Do you ever wonder if it is safe to mix your laundry basket and throw in both sheets and clothes when you throw a wash? To answer that question, it is generally alright to mix sheets and clothes in the washer. However, there are a few general rules to keep in mind to make sure everything comes out clean and undamaged.

Rules for Washing Sheets and Clothes Together

  • Choose small loads – Both sheets and clothes can be washed together, although the load should not be too large. Overstuffing the washer can cause inadequate cleaning and damage clothing and sheets.
  • Separate darks from lights – Lighter clothes and sheets can pick up color from dark fabrics, so it is best to avoid washing the two together. If you do need to mix, wash darks on a cold water cycle and lights on a warm water cycle.
  • Sort by fabric type – Mixing different fabric types in the same cycle, such as sheets and jeans, can cause stretching and fading. These items should be washed separately or on a delicate cycle.
  • Opt for a gentle cycle – Sheets and thinner clothing items can be washed together on a gentle cycle, which uses low water pressures and minimizes agitation. Heavy fabrics, such as jeans, should still be washed separately.
  • Check pockets – Check pockets and other places for items like tissues and sweets wrappers. Accidentally leaving these items in clothes and sheets can cause serious damage to the washer and other clothes.

By following these general guidelines and being mindful of the specific cycle settings, you will be able to mix sheets and clothes in the same wash cycle. Doing this can save time and money, as you will not have to run multiple washes. As with any other wash, read and follow labels on clothing and sheets to ensure the best results.

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