can you wash socks with clothes

can you wash socks with clothes

Can You Wash Socks With Clothes?

Washing socks with clothes is a common practice that many people do, but is it the right thing to do?

Pros of Washing Socks With Clothes

  • Saves time: Washing your socks with the rest of your laundry is much faster than having to do a separate load of only socks.
  • Saves energy: Doing multiple items together in a single load is more energy efficient.
  • Less wear and tear: Separately washing socks can cause unnecessary wear and tear on the socks.

Cons of Washing Socks With Clothes

  • Tangles: Socks can get tangled up in clothes and items like zippers can snag the sock fibers.
  • Color Transfer: Depending on the materials, socks may transfer the dyes from other garments and cause the colors to bleed.
  • Soap Buildup: Socks can accumulate soap residue, leading to a bad smell.

Overall, it is perfectly safe to wash socks with other clothes—just make sure to properly and regularly clean your socks to ensure hygiene and maintain their quality over time. Be aware that the colour of your garments might run, and check the washing instructions on each item before putting it in the machine.
Additionally, be careful of the lingerie items in the same load as the socks, they may be made of more delicate materials that would not benefit from a longer or hotter wash. By doing this, you will help keep your socks in good condition over the long run.

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