can you wash swimsuits with clothes

can you wash swimsuits with clothes

Can You Wash Swimsuits with Clothes

Swimsuits are an integral part of summertime fun, but they require special attention when it comes to laundering. To get the best results for your swimsuit and the rest of your laundry, it’s important to know when you can and can’t wash swimsuits with clothes.

Swimsuit Fabrics

The best way to ensure your swimsuits last as long as possible is to follow the instructions on the care tag. Polyester and nylon swimsuits are usually durable enough to withstand washing with your regular laundry, but you’ll want to use a cool or warm (not hot) water setting and a mild detergent.

Delicate Fabrics

Some swimsuits are made of fabrics like Spandex that are delicate and require special care. If the care tag recommends hand-washing cold, air-drying and avoiding bleaching or other harsh chemicals, then it’s best follow the instructions. Wash these delicate swimsuits separately in cold water using a mild detergent, and hang or lay them flat to dry.

Basics to Avoid Damage

To reduce the risk of damage, here are a few basic tips to follow when washing swimsuits:

  • Rinse Immediately: Rinse the suit in cold water after each use and hang it in a cool, well-vented place to dry.
  • Don’t Twist: Don’t twist or wring the fabric when you rinse or hand-wash it, as this can cause damage.
  • No Hot Water: Don’t use hot water as it can cause colors to bleed and fabric to shrink.
  • Softeners: Don’t use fabric softener, as it can damage the fabric.
  • Separate Colors: Separate colors, especially whites, when hand-washing or machine-washing.

Ultimately, the care instructions on the suit’s tag will tell you whether it’s safe to machine-wash the suit with your regular laundry or if you need to hand-wash separately. If you follow the care tag instructions, you can enjoy your summer activities stress-free knowing your swimsuits are well taken care of!

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