can you wash white and black clothes together

can you wash white and black clothes together

Can you Wash White and Black Clothes Together?

Many people are unsure if they can safely wash their black and white clothes together, but good news – you can! As long as you take the right precautions and follow a few tips, you can wash black and white clothing without experiencing any color-bleeding or damaging the garments.

Tips on How to Wash Black and White Clothes Together

  • Use a Gentle Detergent: Use a gentle detergent when you’re washing white and black clothing together. A gentle detergent will help prevent fading and keep the fabric of both pieces intact.
  • Choose a Delicate Cycle: With the gentler detergent, you should also choose a delicate cycle when you’re washing black and white together. A gentle cycle will also help keep the fabric intact.
  • Turn the Garment Inside-Out: To be extra careful, it’s also a good idea to turn all the garments inside-out before you put them in the wash. That way, any dye that may escape from the black clothing will be against the garment, not your white garments.
  • Use Cold Water: When you’re washing black and white together, it’s best to use the cold water setting. Hot water can cause colors to run, so cold water is always the safest option for washing brightly colored garments together.


Washing black and white clothing together doesn’t have to be a hassle. With the right precautions and products, you can keep both garments looking their best. So go ahead and give it a try – you’ll be sure to save time and energy on laundry day.

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