can you wash white clothes with black clothes

can you wash white clothes with black clothes

Can You Wash White Clothes with Black Clothes?

Washing your clothes may seem like a mundane task, but there are many important rules to follow when it comes to sorting and washing your clothes. If you’re wondering if you can wash white clothes together with black clothes together – the short answer is, no.

While it may seem convenient to just throw all of your dark colors together in one load, black clothes can cause serious and permanent damage to white clothes. Before you start a wash, pay attention to the colors in the mix and sort colors accordingly.

Reasons Not to Wash White Clothes with Black Clothes

  • Permanent Staining: Any color dye can easily transfer onto your white items and create a permanent, irreversible stain.
  • Color Bleeding: Washing black clothes with white clothes can cause colors to bleed, making your white clothes look dull and gray.
  • Fading: Your black colors can fade faster when being washed with other colors, and will fade even more so with whites.

Tips for Washing White Clothes

  • Run white clothes separately from any colored items.
  • Be certain to use cold water, never warm or hot, as hot water increases the chances of colors bleeding.
  • Choose the appropriate cycle setting for your white clothes in order to avoid over-agitating.
  • Add a color-safe bleach or detergent specially designed for whites to keep clothes looking bright.

Keeping your whites white will help them retain their original color, last longer, and look better. Following a few simple tips when washing your whites will ensure they look as good as they do when they come out of the box.

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