can you wash white clothes with colors

can you wash white clothes with colors

Can you Wash White Clothes with Colors?

Sometimes it can be tough to keep your wardrobe looking neat and pristine. With so many colors and fabrics in one load, it can be tricky to decide which colors can be safely washed together. So, can you wash white clothes with colors?

The verdict

The general rule for washing clothes is to separate colors and fabrics to help prevent fading or bleeding of colors. As a result, you should never wash white clothes with colors, especially red, orange and yellow colors as these colors are more likely to run and stain your whites.

Tips for Preventing Color Run

The best way to prevent colors from running onto white garments is to sort them properly.

  • Separate Colors: Start by separating colors in your laundry. Color-coded laundry bags are a great way to stay organized, but be sure to keep clothes in similar colors together, such as dark blues and blacks.
  • Choose the Right Detergent: When laundering whites and colors, use a color-safe detergent. It is specially formulated to prevent color transfer, so it is better suited for keeping colors bright and whites bright.
  • Check the Label: When in doubt about the best way to launder an item of clothing, it is always best to check the care label. It will have specific instructions on the best way to wash and must be followed to the letter.


To keep your wardrobe looking its best, it is always best to sort clothes by color. White clothes should never be mixed with colors, as the colors may bleed and stain your whites. It is also important to note that for items that are labeled “dry clean only,” there is usually no way to remove color run, so it is best to follow the care label guidelines and launder items separately.

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