can you wash white clothes with colors

can you wash white clothes with colors

How to Do Laundry When Washing White and Colored Clothes

Washing white and colored clothes can be tricky. The colors from the brightly patterned clothes can easily bleed and ruin the whites. Luckily, There are several techniques you can use to make sure your whites stay white when you need to wash them with colors.

1. Sort Clothes Carefully

The number one rule when it comes to proper laundry care is to sort clothes before washing them. This means putting whites with whites and colors with colors, then sorting out items that you need to treat with extra care like delicates.

2. Use Cold Water for Colors

Using cold water for your colored items helps to ensure that the colors don’t fade or bleed during the wash. Cold water also helps to conserve energy by using less hot water.

3. Use a Color-Safe Detergent

Using a color-safe detergent helps to protect your clothing from fading, bleaching, and other damage. Color-safe detergents are specially formulated to contain less of the harsh chemicals that can damage clothes.

4. Use a Delicates Bag for Delicate Items

Delicates bags help to keep delicates and white clothing separated, ensuring that the colors don’t bleed onto the whites and vice versa. Place items like lingerie and hosiery into a delicates bag and wash on a gentle cycle in cold water.

5. Wash White and Color Separately

Finally, to be extra cautious, it is best to wash white and colored clothes in separate washes. This will guarantee that the colors don’t fade or bleed onto the whites and ruin them.

Following these tips will help ensure that you can successfully wash white and colored items together, without worrying about ruining your clothes. Happy laundering!

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