can you wash your clothes with dish soap

can you wash your clothes with dish soap

Can You Wash Your Clothes with Dish Soap?

Washing your clothes with dish soap can sound like a good idea for those who are looking for a way to save money. But is it actually a good idea?

The Pros

There are some advantages to washing your clothes with dish soap:

  • It can be cheaper – Dish soap isn’t just for dishes and can be much cheaper than laundry detergent.
  • It’s often more available– During nationwide lockdowns, many people found it difficult to buy laundry products, but dish soap was more widely available.
  • It can be more eco-friendly– Dish soap is often more natural than some laundry detergents which can be harsh on the environment.

The Cons

As with anything, there are also some drawbacks to using dish soap in your laundry:

  • It’s not designed for washing clothes -Dish soap isn’t designed to be used in the washing machine and can leave build up in the washing machine over time. This can make your clothes less clean and cause damage to your machine.
  • It can ruin some fabrics– Depending on the fabric, dish soap can cause it to discolor, fray and even shrink.
  • It can be harsher on skin– If you are using a dish soap that is designed for dishes, then it is designed to be used on hard surfaces, not delicate skin.

The Bottom Line

Washing your clothes with dish soap is not recommended as it can cause damage to your clothes, washing machine and your skin. It’s safer and more effective to use a detergent specifically designed for washing clothes.

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