can you wear clothes with a catheter

can you wear clothes with a catheter

Can You Wear Clothes with a Catheter?

Using a catheter can be an uncomfortable experience. Depending upon the type of catheter used, you may be faced with the difficulty of deciding what to wear. Not all types of clothing are suitable for those with catheters, and for some, it may be difficult to determine what can be worn.

What type of catheter?

The type of catheter used will determine what type of clothing can be worn. Urinary catheters are known as an ‘indwelling’ catheter and must remain in the bladder at all times. As such, they require special clothing considerations. The bag that connects to the catheter can be discreetly contained within clothing pockets, or by using special straps and holders.

Clothing Options

There are a range of clothing options available for those using an indwelling catheter:

  • Underwear with pockets – Specialised underwear can be used to help contain the catheter bag whilst wearing regular clothes.
  • Strap & holder devices – Strap holders are available to attach the catheter bag to garments, or the body.
  • Anti-embolism stockings – Special stockings can be worn which can help to keep the catheter in place if you are active or need to walk around.

Caring for your catheter

If you are using an indwelling catheter, it is important to care for it properly. Be sure to change your clothing regularly, as well as change the bags and tubing when needed. Keep an eye out for any signs of infection and speak to your doctor if any redness or swelling occur.


Overall, it is possible to wear regular clothing with a catheter in place. However, it is important to ensure that the clothing used is comfortable enough and to check that it does not cause any irritation. It is also important to keep up with regular catheter maintenance and to speak to your doctor if any infections or issues arise.

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