can you write off clothing for work

can you write off clothing for work

Can You Write Off Clothing For Work?

Clothing can be one of the most significant expenses for people, especially those with professional jobs. In some situations, employees can deduct the cost of their clothing from their taxes.

Types of Deductible Clothing

Not all types of clothing can be deducted. To be considered for deduction, clothing must meet certain criteria:

  • Specific clothing must be necessary and appropriate for the job. For instance, a doctor may be able to deduct the cost of a white lab coat, while a gym teacher may be able to deduct the cost of athletic clothing.
  • It must not be suitable for everyday wear. Everyday clothing such as jeans and t-shirts, even though they may be worn while working, are not deductible.
  • It must not be so extravagant as to create a public controversy. An outrageous outfit, even if it is appropriate for work, is unlikely to be deductible.

It is also important to keep in mind that many clothing deductions are capped at certain amounts. It is important to speak with a tax expert or an accountant in order to know what the maximum deduction is.

Documentation Required

When applying for a clothing deduction, it is important to keep documentation in order to prove that the clothing is necessary and appropriate for the job. Receipts, pictures, and statements from colleagues or superiors may all be necessary to provide as evidence.

Who May Claim A Deduction?

Anyone who needs to purchase clothing in order to perform their job may be eligible for a deduction. This includes first-responders, athletes, and entertainers who are required to wear specific uniforms or costumes. Consult with an accountant or a tax expert before making any claims so that you can be sure that you are eligible.


The cost of clothing can be a major expense, especially for those in professional positions. Depending on your job and the rules in your jurisdiction, you may be able to write off a portion of these costs come tax time. Before applying for any deductions, make sure that you come prepared with receipts, pictures, and any other documentation necessary to prove the legitimacy of your clothing purchase.

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