can you write off work clothes as a business expense

can you write off work clothes as a business expense

Can You Write Off Work Clothes as a Business Expense?

We live in an era where fashion trends come and go in the blink of an eye. Whether it is rompers, maxi dresses, or statement pieces, these items are not only for personal fashion enthusiasts, but for those looking to make a professional statement as well. With that being said, can the average person write off work clothes as a business expense? We shall explore this question further.

Expensing Guidelines

When it comes to expensing work clothes, there are generally two types of guidelines to consider.

  • Occupation Specific Clothing: If the type of clothing you are purchasing is specific to a certain occupation, then the IRS allows you to potentially write off those items on your tax return. Examples of such clothing items would include safety gear, uniforms, and purses.
  • Company Clothing: If you are required to wear a specific type of clothing with your company’s logo on it, then these items can likely be written off. This includes everything from company polo shirts to branded winter jackets.

Meeting the Internal Revenue Service’s Criteria

In order to successfully write off clothing as a business expense, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has certain criteria that you must meet. These requirements include:

  • The item of clothing must be essential for your job
  • You are required to wear the item frequently or on a daily basis
  • The item of clothing is not suitable for personal use


Overall, clothing can be expensed as a business expense – but only if certain criteria is met. It’s important to note the differences between clothing suitable for occupations and those that feature company logos and branding. In some cases, the average person can write off work clothes as a business expense – but it’s important to understand the requirements beforehand.

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