clothes plus size women’s

clothes plus size women’s

Clothes for Plus-Size Women

The fashion industry has long overlooked the needs of plus-size women. Fortunately, that is starting to change as designers create fashionable styles specifically for the plus-size market. Whether you are shopping for casual every-day wear or a special occasion outfit, here are a few tips for finding clothes that are both stylish and flattering:

Look for Darker Colors & Patterns

Darker colors tend to be more slimming and can help create a more cohesive look. Similarly, opt for clothing with patterns and prints. While solids may seem easier to wear, patterns in the right places can draw the eye away from areas you want to minimize and create an overall flattering look.

Don’t Ignore Traditional Business Attire

Don’t assume that just because you’re plus-size you have to stick to casual clothing. Plus-size business wear can be just as stylish as its smaller counterparts. Look for tailored pieces and cuts that skim the body instead of clinging, this helps to keep the focus on the outfit itself not the shape of the wearer.

Shop for Your Unique Shape

Know what looks best on you and don’t be afraid to shop for and wear something that you find particularly flattering. That may involve a few different cuts or styles—not just what’s currently in fashion. Experiment with patterned and vibrant colors to define your shape and accentuate the areas you love most.

Mixed & Match Accessories

Accessories can add an extra touch to any outfit without adding bulk. Look for statement pieces in bold colors and unique styles to dress up an otherwise simple outfit. This can range from jewelry, watches and sunglasses to fun shoes, hats and bags.

Embrace Your Curves

Above all, learn to love and embrace your curves instead of trying to constrain them. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look stylish, but it’s important to choose something that really makes you feel good and comfortable in your own skin.

So with all that in mind, shopping for clothes as a plus-size woman can be just as fun and fashionable as any other size. Remember to look for proportion and appropriate fit, darker colors and patterns, and don’t forget to add some fun accessories!

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