clothing for obese women

clothing for obese women

Clothing for Obese Women

Fashionable clothing for obese women can be difficult to find. Many stores don’t offer plus size clothing, and when they do, it is often limited in range. That’s why it is important to know your measurements as well as what styles will flatter your curves.

Finding the Right Clothing

When you’re shopping for clothing, pay attention to size and cut. For tops, choose thicker fabrics and go for a draped, flowy shape that hides your midsection. A good option is a tunic-style top with a slim belt–it’s slimming and stylish. For pants, go for a bootcut or flare cut; the extra fabric around your thighs and calves can make them look much slimmer. And if shorts are more your style, choose ones with an elastic waistband that don’t show your midsection.

Accessories and More

The right accessories can make all the difference. Scarves, jewelry, and sunglasses are all great options to add a little flair. Also, make sure you invest in good undergarments; they can help shape and support your curves, making clothing look better and more comfortable. Here are some pieces you’ll often want to include in your wardrobe:

  • Maxi dresses: Whether short, full-length, or a wrap dress, maxi dresses look great on all body types.
  • Leggings & jeggings: Stretchy styles are a great option for plus size women as they provide extra coverage and comfort.
  • Cardigans: A long-sleeved cardigan is an essential piece, as it can be worn both as a layering piece and a lightweight stand-alone item.
  • Wide belts: A wide belt is your friend, as it helps cinch in the waist and make your figure look more hourglass-y.

Where to Go Shopping

Thankfully, there are more and more plus-size lines popping up in stores today. Here are a few favorites:

  • Forever 21: This store has an extensive selection of trendy and stylish plus size clothing in sizes up to 3X.
  • Torrid: This is a great one-stop shop for plus size clothing, and everything is available up to size 6X.
  • H&M: This store offers up to size 16 clothing in an array of styles, from everyday basics to special occasion looks.

No matter your size or style, there are plenty of fashionable clothing options for obese women. With the right pieces, you’ll be feeling confident and looking fabulous.

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