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clothing men’s

What are the Must-have Clothes For Men?

Every man needs certain basics in his wardrobe. Whether you’re a corporate monkey or a flea-bitten Bohemian, you gotta keep up with the basics. Here is a list of clothing men’s must-have items:

Button-down Shirts

A men’s wardrobe should contain several classic button-down shirts. Choose a variety of white, blue, grey and pin-striped shirts in long and short sleeve. It’s also good to have one or two quirky shirts, like flower-patterns or plaids.

Graphic-print Tees

Comfortable graphic-print tees are also mandatory for men’s wardrobe. Match them with a pair of jeans for a casual vibe, or with chinos and a blazer for when you wanna look a bit more stylish.

Denim Jeans

No wardrobe is complete without a few pairs of classic denim jeans. From dark wash slim fit to light wash relaxed fit, you should have a selection of jean cuts in your wardrobe to choose from.


Khakis are versatile and perfect for transitioning from day to night. Go for a classic cut in shades of tan, navy and olive. For added style, add a pair of sunglasses and boat shoes.

Leather Jacket

A single leather jacket is all you need for a go-anywhere look. Choose a neutral colour and preferably opt for premium quality leather since it looks better and is built to last.

Gym Attire

Choose quality gym attire that fits comfortably and makes workouts a little more fun. Don’t forget to include a t-shirt, shorts, sweatpants, trainers and a bag to transport those sweaty clothes.


For formal occasions, a perfect-fitting suit is a must. Choose a dark shade and go classic in terms of cut — you can never go wrong with a classic two-button.


  • Sunglasses: Protect your eyes with a good quality pair of sunglasses.
  • Watches: A nice watch is an accessory that will never go out of style.
  • Hats: An array of quality hats can help complete your look.
  • Belts: Choose a variety of colours and materials to match your outfits.

These items will never go out of style and should be the basis of any man’s wardrobe. Start building with the must-haves and you will be on your way to dressing yourself in the right way.

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