did cavemen have clothes site www.reddit.com

did cavemen have clothes site www.reddit.com

Did Cavemen Have Clothes?

Today we are inundated with clothes choices for all walks of life, from designer outfits to different styles of shoes and accessories. But what about our distant ancestors? Did cavemen have clothes?

Historical Depictions

Historically, caveman depictions show that clothing was not widely worn by ancient humans. Cave paintings, for example, typically show the early humans in their birthday suits. Yet it is possible that clothing was used in specific climates or locations.


Theories suggest that clothing was worn as early as 160,000 years ago. Animal skins were believed to be made into capes and some evidence points toward clothing pieces created using plant fibers.

Climate Protection

It’s likely that clothing was a type of defense against the elements, including wind, rain, and cold temperatures. For example, those who lived in colder climates may have worn clothes to keep warm and protect themselves from the elements.

What We Do Know

We know for sure that cavemen did not have access to the same technology and fabrics that we have today. Yet, some evidence does point to clothing or garments being made from natural resources, such as animal skins, tree bark, and plant fibers.

Here are some ideas on:

  • Types of Clothing: Animal skins and hides, Tree bark, Plant fibers
  • Purposes for Clothing: Protection, Status symbol, Advertising tribe affiliation
  • Possible Locations: In colder climates, Where resources were available

The Reddit article here provides a great discussion discussing the different theories and ideas related to the topic of whether Cavemen had clothes.

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