do avocados stain clothes

do avocados stain clothes

Does Avocado Stain Clothes?

Avocado may just be one of the most popular fruits right now and is included in so many recipes. It’s no wonder that some of us have ended with an unsightly avocado stain on clothing as a result. So, does avocado stain clothes?

Yes, it does! Avocado is an oily, green-colored fruit and the oil is what leads to hard-to-remove stains when it comes in contact with clothing. Although it can be somewhat tricky to remove the stains, treating them correctly can make it a bit easier.

Tips to Remove Avocado Stains from Clothes

  • Act fast – it’s best to treat a stain as soon as possible to increase success.
  • Rinse – using cold water, rinse the stained area from the back to try to lift out as much of the stain as possible.
  • Dab – to remove the remaining stain, dampen the affected area with a wet cloth and dab the stain away.
  • Soap – rinse the area once more before scrubbing it with a mild soap.
  • Repeat – if the stain persists, feel free to lather on the mild soap and go through the rinsing and dabbing steps as many times as needed.
  • Pre-treat – pre-treating the stain with a laundry detergent before laundering will help to lift the rest of it.
  • Launder – for the best results, launder the clothing according to the instructions on the item’s care label.


Avocado may be tasty, but a stain on clothing can be a nuisance to remove. With these simple steps, however, it’s easy enough to tackle. Remember to always treat a stain as soon as possible, and to always follow the care instructions for the clothing for the best results.

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