do garment dyed clothes fade

do garment dyed clothes fade

Do Garment Dyed Clothes Fade?

Garment dyeing is a modern clothing dyeing process that allows fabrics to be dyed after they have been sewn into garments. It became popular in the fashion industry over the past few decades because it’s a great way to elevate designs and create distinct looks. The dyeing process is much gentler than traditional dyeing methods and produces no waste, so it’s more sustainable. But a common questions is, do garment dyed clothes fade?

Effects Of Dyeing On Clothing

The dyeing process for garments puts quite a bit of strain on the fabrics, meaning that over time, the colors will likely fade. This is mainly due to the fact that garment dyeing uses higher temperatures, more acid and basic compounds, and bleaching agents to achieve the desired colors. Additionally, the fabric must be washed many times for the dye to truly be set. All of these can cause the colors to eventually fade.

How to Extend The Life Of Your Garment Dyed Clothes

If you own clothes made with garment dyed fabrics, here are some tips to help extend the life of the colors:

  • Wash on a Low Temperature: High temperatures can lead to quicker fading of the colors. Aim to always wash on the lowest temperature possible.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight: Sun exposure over prolonged periods of time will cause the colors to fade faster. Try to hang clothes indoors or in the shade.
  • Turn Clothes Inside Out: To help reduce the amount of friction and strain on the fabric, turn the clothing inside out during washing and drying.
  • Wash Separately: Always wash garment dyed clothes separately from non-garment dyed clothes to avoid colors running.


Garment dyeing is a great way of achieving unique looks for your clothes. However, like any dyeing techniques, the colors can eventually fade if proper care is not taken. Taking the time to follow the steps mentioned will help keep your garment dyed clothes looking vibrant and long-lasting.

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