do magnolia lane womens golf clothes run big

do magnolia lane womens golf clothes run big

Do Magnolia Lane Women’s Golf Clothes Run Big?


There’s nothing worse than buying a piece of clothing only to find out it doesn’t fit. When shopping for clothing designed specifically for golf, fit is even more important. Magnolia Lane, a golf apparel manufacturer, is known for making stylish but comfortable attire. But many customers want to know – do Magnolia Lane women’s golf clothes run big?

The Verdict

The short answer? Yes, Magnolia Lane women’s golf clothes typically run big – and for good reason. Manufacturers of golf clothing have to strike a delicate balance between providing freedom of movement without sacrificing style. Thus, some of their clothes deliberately run big, allowing women the flexibility to move, swing, and walk without feeling constricted.

Size Chart

That said, there are certain pieces of clothing which do fit differently. As they’re shaped to fit the body snugly, Magnolia Lane’s polos, jerseys and knit shirts are a bit truer to size. Some of their other pieces, such as their dresses and tops, may be larger to accommodate extra movement. It’s best to rely on their size chart to ensure you buy the right size.


In conclusion, Magnolia Lane women’s golf clothes do tend to run big. This is to provide greater flexibility, so women can golf without feeling constricted. However, it’s always best to cross-check their size chart before buying, to make sure you’re getting the right fit for you.

Happy golfing!

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