do network commentators have clothing allowance

do network commentators have clothing allowance

Do Network Commentators have Clothing Allowance?

Do hosts, reporters and commentators working in the big media corporations have clothing allowance? The answer is yes, at least most of them have. This article explains why.

Reasons For Clothing Allowance

  • Professionalism – Some media networks want their reporters and commentators to look the part. Network reporters wear nice well put-together clothing, and the networks must pay for it. In the competitive media industry, education and talent are not enough. A high-end professional image does matter.
  • Location – Many networks require their staff to travel away from the main studio for filming and live events. Network commentators can be required to dress in multiple settings and weather conditions. Such occasions require suitable clothing, and the networks must provide for this.
  • Appearance – Network staff are the face of the company. It is common for media companies to pay for clothing that reflects the best possible image of their staff.


While there are benefits to having a clothing allowance, there are also drawbacks.

  • Limitations – There may be restrictions on what staff can purchase, which can limit their choices when selecting clothing. Some networks may dictate what style of clothing their staff can wear to maintain a professional image.
  • Expense – Clothing allowances cost media companies money, and can be a considerable expense depending on their size and budget. Clothing allowances also add to the cost of the staff’s wages, making them more expensive than workers with no allowance.


Most network staff have clothing allowance as part of their job. This allows them to present a professional and stylish look when on air or at events. While there are drawbacks associated with having a clothing allowance, the benefits often outweigh these issues.

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