do you wear clothes in total body enhancement machine

do you wear clothes in total body enhancement machine


Clothing in Total Body Enhancement Machines

It’s no secret that modern technology has allowed us to modify the way we look and keep our bodies in shape. Total body enhancement machines are one of the newest tools to achieve physical goals.

Total body enhancement machines often use infrared lights, heat, and massage to increase blood flow and circulation in areas like the hips and torso. But when it comes to dress code, do people wear clothes in these devices?

Advantages of Wearing Clothes

There are several advantages to wearing clothes while using a total body enhancement machine. Here are a few:

    • Protection from Rays: Infrared light has been proven to be beneficial for the body, but it can also be damaging in high doses. Wearing clothes can provide protection from damaging rays.
    • Comfort and Security: Being fully clothed can provide a sense of comfort and security, especially when using a machine in the presence of other people. It can help the user feel more confident and enable them to better focus on their goals.
    • Clothing Assistance: Wearing certain clothing during the session can help in certain areas. For example, a tighter fitting shirt and shorts can help provide support and stability during the session.


Disadvantages of Wearing Clothes

It’s important to note that wearing clothes does come with some downsides, particularly when it comes to efficiency. Here are a few drawbacks to wearing clothes in total body enhancement machines:

    • Limited Mobility: Certain areas of the body may not be accessible when clothes are worn, limiting the effectiveness of the session.
    • Heat Disruption: Clothes can absorb heat, causing the user to feel less heat than if they were wearing no clothing.
    • Wreckage: Wearing clothes during a session can lead to rips and tears in the fabrics due to the machine’s intense heat and movement.



Whether to wear clothes or not while using a total body enhancement machine is entirely up to the user. Some may choose to go without clothing for efficiency and comfort, while others may opt for wearing clothes for protection and security. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

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