does a and d ointment wash off clothes


Does A&D Ointment Wash Off Clothes?

A&D ointment is widely used for treating skin irritations and rashes. But, does A&D ointment wash off clothes?

The answer is yes , A&D ointment is water-based and can be washed out of most fabrics. However, it does depend on the fabric type, plus whether you are using the A&D original formula or the A&D with Zinc Oxide.

How to Wash out A&D Ointment

To get A&D ointment out of your clothes, you should:

    • Pre-treat your clothes with a soap-based pre-wash stain remover.


    • After pre-treating your clothes, machine wash on the hottest water temperature the fabric can tolerate.


    • Check to see if any stain remains before putting it in the dryer.


Things to Consider

When using A&D ointment, you should always follow the fabric care instructions to avoid further staining or damage. Additionally, do not put your fabric in the dryer before the stain is completely gone. The heat from the dryer can cause the stain to set in and become harder to remove.

In summary, A&D ointment can be washed off clothes, depending on the type of fabric. To ensure the best chance of successfully removing the A&D ointment, you should pre-treat with a stain remover and machine wash on the hottest water temperature on the care label.

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