does clothes mentor buy bras

does clothes mentor buy bras


Does Clothes Mentor Buy Bras?

When looking for a new wardrobe, you may wonder if Clothes Mentor will buy your used bras. The answer is yes!

What Types of Items Does Clothes Mentor Buy?

Clothes Mentor buys a variety of gently used clothing and accessories, including bras:

    • Lingerie


    • Sports bras


    • Maternity bras


    • Underwire bras


    • Wire-free bras


    • And more!


In addition to bras, Clothes Mentor also buys gently used:

    • Jeans


    • Dresses


    • Skirts


    • Blouses


    • Jackets


    • Outerwear


    • Pants


    • Tops


    • Tees


    • Suits


    • Shoes


    • Accessories


What Are the Requirements for Selling Items to Clothes Mentor?

In order to sell your items to Clothes Mentor, they must be:

    • In good condition, with no rips, stains, odors, fading, or defects.


    • Current on-trend styles that have been released within the past 5 years.


    • Seasonally appropriate.


In order to receive payment, you must also have a valid state or government issued ID.

How Does Clothes Mentor Pay?

Clothes Mentor pays generously for your items, offering cash or store credit for your items. You can choose whichever option you prefer.

For more information about selling your items to Clothes Mentor, visit their website

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