does clothes mentor buy lularoe

does clothes mentor buy lularoe

Does Clothes Mentor Buy Lularoe?

Clothes Mentor is a leading retailer of gently used designer apparel, shoes, and accessories. It is a popular brand nationwide with multiple locations across the US. Many people wonder if Clothes mentor buys lularoe products, so they can make some extra money.

Does Clothes Mentor buy Lularoe?

The simple answer is yes, Clothes Mentor does buy lularoe products. They are looking for items in good condition that is in-style and current with the fashion trends. Some of the popular item they are looking to purchase include dresses, skirts, tops, leggings, shoes, and accessories.

What items does Clothes Mentor not accept?

While Clothes Mentor does accept lularoe products, there are certain items they do not accept. They do not accept items that have stains, rips, tears, missing or broken buttons, or items older than two years. They might also refuse items that are heavily faded or does not fit current fashion trends. You should also make sure your items are freshly laundered and free of wrinkles when you bring it to the store.

What should you bring when selling lularoe products to Clothes Mentor?

When selling lularoe products to Clothes Mentor, it is important to bring the following items:

  • Clean lularoe clothing items (in season and in good condition)
  • Your identification
  • Receipts or proof of purchase for each item
  • Your phone number (for tracking and payment)

Once you bring the items to the store, a store associate will evaluate them and make an offer based on the items you bring in and the current selling price of the item.


In conclusion, Clothes Mentor does buy lularoe products. However, it is important to make sure the items are in season and in good condition. You should also bring your identification, receipt or proof of purchase, and your phone number when dropping off the lularoe items at the store.

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