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Does Dr. Squatch Deodorant Stain Clothes?

Dr. Squatch is a popular natural deodorant that customers love for its ingredients and packaging without stain clothes. But there is one concern many consumers have: Does Dr. Squatch deodorant stain clothes?

What Dr. Squatch Contains

Dr. Squatch deodorant is made with a blend of natural ingredients, like organic beeswax and arrowroot powder, to help regulate sweat without clogging pores. Other ingredients like sunflower oil and shea butter provide a nourishing, lightweight feel.

Can Dr. Squatch Deodorant Stain Clothes?

The short answer is no. Dr. Squatch deodorant does not typically stain clothes. But as with any sweat-proof product, there are several things to keep in mind if you’re worried about staining your clothes. Here are a few tips:

    • Apply sparingly: Avoid applying too much deodorant, as this can lead to the product rubbing off on your clothing.


    • Test before wearing: Try applying a small bit of deodorant to an inconspicuous spot on your clothing. This can help you see if the product will stain clothes or transfer.


    • Choose light colors: darker colors, like black or navy, tend to absorb more dye or product, so light colors are usually a safer option


    • Be mindful of sweat: Sweat can also cause staining clothes, so if you find that you’re sweating more than usual, consider investing in moisture-wicking fabrics.


Overall, Dr. Squatch deodorant can be a great choice for keeping odor and wetness at bay without staining your clothes. However, it is important to follow the tips above and be mindful of product application and sweat levels to prevent staining.

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