dress clothing for men

dress clothing for men

Dress Clothing for Men

Looking for the perfect piece of dress clothing for men? The options range from classic to modern and from slim to casual. Here are some tips for choosing the best dress clothing for men:

Know What You’re Looking for

Before heading to the store, consider your needs. What are the occasions you’ll be wearing the outfit? Is there a dress code in place? Also think about the weather, as well as your body type: will you be dressing up or dressing down?

Understand the Different Options

Here are some of the most common dress clothing items for men:

  • Suits: Perfect for business meetings, interviews and special occasions. Available in classic or slim cuts.
  • Dress Shirts: Plenty of collars, prints and cuts from which to choose. Button-up shirts create a neat and tailored look.
  • Slacks: Dressier than jeans, slacks offer comfort and a more refined look.
  • Ties: An instant way to dress up an outfit. Comes in silk for a classic and more formal look.
  • Belt: Opt for a leather belt to complete an outfit. Available in a variety of colors.

Know Your Measurements

When buying dress clothing, make sure to get measured. Knowing your exact measurements will help you to find the right fit and size. Pay attention to sleeve, neck and waist measurements.

Try It On

It’s important to try the item of clothing on before you decide to buy it. If you are ordering online, make sure the website has an easy return policy. Try different sizes and cuts, and when in doubt, go with something simpler.

Accessorize the Look

Once you have found the perfect dress clothing piece, consider the way you’ll accessorize it. This can be a fun way to make an outfit stand out. A pocket square, or a tie, or a watch can make all the difference.

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