fashion clothing for women

fashion clothing for women

Fashion Clothing for Women

Fashion is often seen as an expression of individual identity and it is no surprise that women have taken to fashion as a way to express themselves. Although fashion is constantly changing, there are certain timeless classics that will remain popular in women’s fashion clothing no matter what era.

Must-Have Basics

There are certain pieces that every woman should have in her wardrobe. These timeless basics are essential for building a functioning wardrobe and can be mixed and matched with different pieces for a variety of looks:

  • Black Pants – A well-fitted pair of black pants or jeans are essential for a classic look.
  • White Button Down – Every woman should have a fitted white button down shirt, it will go with just about anything.
  • Little Black Dress – A wardrobe staple, a sophisticated little black dress will be your go-to piece for night-time occasions.
  • Solid Color Tee – Solid color t-shirts are great to have on hand because they are versatile and easy to style.
  • Blazer – A structured blazer can elevate any look from casual to professional.

Trend Picks for 2021

This year will be all about bold colors, playful prints and up-cycling.

  • Bucket Hat – This 90s trend is making a comeback as a fashionable way to keep the sun off your face and hair.
  • Cartoon Prints – Cartoon and cartoon-style prints are everywhere this season and they are sure to add some fun to any outfit.
  • Neon Colors – Neon is definitely the ‘it-color’ of 2021, whether it be neon yellow or pink, add a bit of neon to your outfit and you’ll be sure to turn heads.
  • Up-Cycled Pieces – Up-cycling is a great way to look fashionable while being mindful of the environment. Look for pieces in thrift stores or repurpose an item in your own wardrobe.


Women’s fashion clothing is constantly changing, but there are certain timeless pieces that will always remain popular. Whether you’re opting for classic looks like black pants and white button downs, or going for the bolder trends of 2021 like neon colors and cartoon prints, there are plenty of options for every style. Embrace fashion as an expression of individual identity and have fun with experimenting with different looks.

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