how can you stop glitter coming off clothes

how can you stop glitter coming off clothes

How to Prevent Glitter Coming off Clothes

Glitter can be a wonderful addition to clothing and craft projects, but it often falls off. Tom prevent glitter from coming off your clothes, you’ll want to use a few simple tricks that help keep it in place.

1. Choose Your Glitter Wisely

It can be tempting to buy the first glitter that catches your eye, but some glitter adheres better than others. When buying glitter for your project, look for glitters that are labelled “nontoxic” and “non-shedding” for best results.

2. Apply Glue over Your Glitter

Before wearing the clothing with the glitter on it, apply a thin layer of glue over the glitter. This will ensure the glitter stays in place and makes it much less likely to come off. Let the glue dry before wearing then item.

3. Avoid Getting the Glitter Wet

When it comes to glitter staying on your clothing, one of the most important things to remember is to avoid getting your clothes wet while they have glitter on them. Water can cause glitter to come off, even when glue has been applied.

4. Brush Your Clothes

If you already own clothing with glitter on it, you can help keep the glitter in place by starting a habit of brushing the garments to avoid loose glitter from falling off. If you are brushing off an item of clothing, make sure to use a soft brush and be gentle with your item!

5. Think About Permanence

Of course, glitter can always come off clothes even if you follow all of these steps. Since glitter can be hard to remove once it’s on fabrics, you may want to consider opting for temporary glitter. This will give you the same sparkly look, but you can easily take it off when you want.

Tricks for preventing glitter from coming off clothes

  • Choose your glitter wisely
  • Apply glue to your glitter
  • Avoid getting the glitter wet
  • Brush your clothes
  • Think about permanence

By following these simple steps and tricks, you can keep the glitter on your clothes without having it fall off. This can also help boost the longevity of your clothing and ensure you will get to enjoy it for longer.

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