how long can fleas live on clothing

how long can fleas live on clothing

How Long Can Fleas Live on Clothing?

Fleas are small but pesky pests known to plague households everywhere, and they can live in any space that is conducive for their survival. These pests can even live on clothing, but for how long?

Fleas on Clothing

Fleas are attracted to fabrics such as on clothing due to the humidity, temperature and material type. Fleas tend to hide in fabrics and quickly make themselves nests to ensure safety and reproduction. As soon as fleas land on clothes, they start to breed, resulting in a large population within a short time.

How Long Do Fleas Survived On Clothing?

Fleas can survive on clothes for quite a while. In fact, they can live on clothing for an average of 18-23 days, but this will vary based on the temperature and humidity levels of the environment. Warmer climates tend to see an increase in the longevity of fleas on fabrics, while cold temperatures are known to kill the fleas quickly. Furthermore, the material of the clothing can also play a role in the length of time a flea is capable of surviving.

Can Fleas Survive In The Washing Machine?

It is also important to note that fleas can survive in the washing machine. To avoid this, it is important to be aware of a few tips:

  • Wash clothing in hot water: washing clothing in hot water is key to killing off any fleas or eggs present.
  • Clean the washing machine: make sure to clean the washing machine regularly to get rid of any eggs or other contaminants
  • Use a flea detergent: using a specialized flea detergent is also a great way to get rid of fleas


In conclusion, fleas can survive on clothing for a significant amount of time, though the exact length will depend on the temperature and material of the clothes. It is recommended to use hot water and a flea detergent when washing clothing that could be infested with fleas, and be sure to clean the washing machine regularly for best results.

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