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How Long Can Leave Clothes In the Washer?

Making sure that clothes are properly cared for is key to a long-lasting wardrobe. As such, understanding, when it’s appropriate to leave clothes in the washer, is important.

How Long is Too Long?

There is no ultimate answer to this question; some garments are only meant to be washed for a short amount of time, while others may fare better over a longer period.

Factors Affecting Timing

To figure out your own washing timeline, consider the following factors:

    • Fabric: Not all materials age at the same pace; some fabrics deteriorate with time, while others are more resilient. Cotton and linens tend to be more susceptible to damage, while man-made materials can better handle extended washes.


    • Fragility: Some garments are delicate, like lace or beading, so it’s best to leave them in the washer for a short period of time.


    • Cycle: Different cycles (i.e. regular, gentle, etc.) can impact the lifespan of clothes. For instance, delicate pieces should be washed on a gentle cycle.


Storing Clothes with Care

When clothes are finished washing, it’s best to take them out of the washer as soon as possible. This will help alleviate any issues resulting from extended storage, such as over-drying.

In certain circumstances, you may want to leave clothes in the washer for longer than usual. In this case, make sure the washer is on the right cycle, and check back regularly to avoid any damage.

If you need to leave clothes in the washer overnight or longer, be sure to remove them and hang them to dry when you re-check.

No matter the situation, proper care while washing and storing clothes will help them look better, and longer.

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