how long can sperm live outside the body on clothes

how long can sperm live outside the body on clothes

How Long Can Sperm Live Outside the Body on Clothes?

Sperm cells are a resilient type of cell able to survive in adverse conditions and when outside of the body they are capable of living up to 5 days depending on the environment they are placed in. Knowing this, it’s important to understand under what circumstances they can survive and how long they last when on clothes, as this can have an effect on the risk of contracting a sexually-transmitted infection (STI) or causing a pregnancy.

Can Sperm Survive on Clothes?

Sperm cells are delicate and fragile and can be quickly killed by outside factors such as the air, acidity, detergents and temperature. When it comes to clothes, sperm cells can survive for up to a few hours if the environment is suited. For instance, certain fabrics such as silk and cashmere are more likely to retain the sperm cells for longer due to the acidity in the fibers.

Which Factors Affect How Long Sperm Survive?

The type of material the sperm is on and the environment it is placed in will affect how long the survival is. For instance, sperm tends to survive longer on warmer and moister surfaces while cold and dry surfaces can kill it off quicker.

How to Avoid Pregnancy or Contracting an STI

Regardless of how long sperm cells can survive, it’s important to practice safe sex and bear in mind the potential consequences of unprotected sexual activity. Wearing condoms and being aware of the need for sexual health tests and having regular ones are important steps in preventing spread of STIs and pregnancy.

Using the following simple steps can help to reduce the risk of transmitting diseases or becoming pregnant:

  • Use protection: Always use protection whenever engaging in sexual activity.
  • Have safe sex: Have safe sex and know your partner’s sexual history.
  • Know your STI risks: It’s important to know the risks of various STIs and how to practice safe sex.
  • Rely on yourself: Understand that STIs can be transmitted more easily through sex among people who don’t know each other well.
  • Get tested: It’s important to get tested regularly, especially when engaging in different sexual activities.

Taking all of these precautions is the best way to ensure the risk of transmitting diseases or becoming pregnant is reduced.

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