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How Long Can Ticks Live on Clothing?

Ticks are a frustrating fact of life when we venture outdoors. They are capable of transmitting serious illnesses such as Lyme and other diseases. One question people often want to know is how long can ticks live on clothing.

Tick Lifespans on Clothing

Ticks can live on clothing for a certain amount of time, though the exact length will depend on the specific species and environmental conditions. Generally, ticks have been recorded as living on clothing for up to a few days. Under ideal conditions, a tick may survive for slightly longer.

Tips to Prevent Ticks from Attaching

There are some things you can do to prevent ticks from attaching to your clothing:

    • Tuck pant legs into socks — Ticks may crawl up your legs and attach to clothing so it helps to tuck pant legs into socks. This creates a physical barrier that can keep ticks away.


    • Wear light-colored clothing — Ticks can be easier to spot on lighter-colored clothing, making it easier to spot them and take them off before they attach.


    • Use insect repellent on clothing — Insect repellent can make clothing unattractive to ticks so they will avoid feeding on your clothing.


    • Wash clothes after time outdoors — Ticks can survive on clothes for a certain amount of time so it’s important to wash them after outdoor activities.



Ticks can live on clothing for a certain amount of time, though this will vary depending on the species and environmental conditions. Taking steps to prevent ticks from attaching to your clothing such as tucking pant legs in socks, wearing lighter-colored clothing, and using insect repellents can help to keep them away. Finally, washing clothes after outdoor activities can help to ensure that any ticks that may have been picked up are killed before they can cause any harm.

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