how to separate clothes when washing

how to separate clothes when washing

How to Separate Clothes When Washing the Laundry

Doing laundry can be a time consuming task that not many of us get excited about. But separating your clothes according to care instructions can help you get better results.

Separating Whites and Colored Items

The most basic rule is separating whites and colored garments. Whites can be washed together, while colored items (especially those that are new and high in color) should be washed separately. This helps prevent dye from bleeding into the whites.

Colors within the Same Category

Even if you’re washing all whites, or all colored items, it’s important to sort them by color. Colored items that are only slightly darker or brighter than each other can be washed together. But items that have very different shades of color should be kept separate, or put in a garment bag for extra protection.

Checking the Care Labels

When in doubt, look at the care labels on the garments. Most clothing items will have a care label that states the optimal temperature for washing that garment. You should use this as a guideline for sorting your clothes. Some items might require you to use the delicate cycle, or hand-washing, so make sure you read the labels carefully.

Sorting by Fabric Type

It’s also important to sort your clothes by fabric type. Delicate fabrics like silk and lace should be washed separately, as they shouldn’t be exposed to hot water or harsh detergents.

Items like towels, bedsheets, and jeans might have different care instructions, so it’s best to group them separately as well.

Taking Extra Precaution

To be extra safe, it’s a good idea to put garments that are new or have the potential to bleed dye into a garment bag. This will help protect them from any potential staining.


Doing the laundry can be a tedious task but sorting your clothes properly can help you avoid any potential accidents or disasters. Before you start washing each load, separate your clothes according to:

  • White and colored items
  • Similar colors
  • Care labels
  • Fabric type

This will help ensure you get the best results from your laundry loads.

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