Long Blanket Kimono – Tan Floral

Long Blanket Kimono – Tan Floral

A Poise and Elegance: The Long Blanket Kimono – Tan Floral

Adding a hint of sophistication to your off-duty wardrobe, the long blanket kimono is the epitome of poise and elegance. In the stunning Tan Floral print, this piece can be the finishing touch to your ensemble.

A Flare for the Dramatic

The combination of the long silhouette, unique print and visual details make this kimono a classic as well as a statement piece. The loose shape plays up the modest length, whilst the engraved lacing adds a subtle touch that exhibits your taste for style and luxury.

Unexpected Versatility

This Tan Floral kimono can be dressed up or down. Dress up this piece with a pair of trousers and a lightweight top for a luxe evening out. Or dress it down by pairing it with your favourite jeans and a basic tee for a laidback day at the park.

The Collection

The Tan Floral Collection consists of a kimono and a skirt, allowing you to play around with different combinations and looks. Use it to take a daytime look to the next level with a feminine touch, or as a versatile addition to your night out wardrobe.


  • Print: Tan Floral
  • Fabric: 100% cotton
  • Design: Engraved lacing, elongated silhouette
  • Style: Unexpectedly versatile

Despite its flamboyance and elegance, this piece is overall soft and delicate. Boasting its own unique presence and character, the long blanket kimono – Tan Floral is a beautiful finishing touch.

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