men clothes

men clothes

The Best Clothing for Men

Men’s fashion has come of age and it is now easier than ever to put together a stylish and appropriate outfit for any occasion. With so many attractive options available, men can get creative and put together their own unique looks that set them apart from the crowd. Here is a guide to the top clothing must-haves for men.

Casual Wear

For everyday and casual activities, men need comfortable, functional and stylish clothing. For pants, jeans in dark colors or better yet black, chinos, and cargos are a great choice. Add a few polo shirts in a range of colors and a few t-shirts in black, gray, white and other solid colors, and you have a great, diverse wardrobe. Complete the look with a few cardigans, a blazer and a couple of hoodies or sweaters.

Business/Formal Wear

When dressing for formal occasions, you should have crisp and clean clothes that are comfortable and appropriate. Invest in suits in solid colors such as navy, black and gray with matching dress shirts and ties. Alternatively, dark dress pants can be teamed with dress shirts and dress shoes. Complete the outfit with a belt, socks and accessories such as pocket squares and ties.


Accessories play an important role in any man’s wardrobe. The best way to accessorize is to keep it simple. Invest in:

  • A watch: watches are a great way to complete an outfit and enhance your personal style.
  • A tie clip: these are practical and stylish, helping to secure a tie and keep it in place.
  • Sunglasses and hats: sunglasses or a simple baseball cap look great in the summer and both can add a touch of style to any outfit.

By investing in some key pieces, men can put together stylish, fashionable and appropriate outfits for any occasion.

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