men clothing

men clothing

Men’s Clothing Overview

Finding the right men’s clothing piece to accompany your look can be a daunting task. The possibilities are endless. Here’s a quick guide to understanding the most common men’s clothing styles and items available:


Suits are a type of clothing composed of a jacket, trousers/slacks, vest, and/or dress shirt. They are typically worn to formal or professional events to create a tailored or traditional look.


Outerwear pieces are pieces that are worn to keep you warm and dry. Sub-categories of outerwear include jackets, coats, blazers, and vests.


Shirts are a type of clothing that can be worn either as a casual or dress item. The most common types of shirts are dress shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, and tank-tops.

Trousers & Slacks

Trousers and slacks refer to any type of bottoms worn to form the lower half of an outfit. These can include jeans, chinos, corduroy, and dress trousers.

Accessories & Extras

Accessories and extras complete the look with pieces such as belts, socks, ties, gloves, and hats.


Formalwear is a dressier type of clothing typically worn to formal or semi-formal events. This often includes a suit or tuxedo and dress shoes.


Men’s clothing can be broken down into several categories. Suits, outerwear, shirts, trousers/slacks, accessories, and formalwear are all common and necessary items in any man’s wardrobe. With the right knowledge and style, these items can be used to create a stylish and modern look.

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