men cloths

men cloths

Men’s Clothes

Shopping for clothes for men can be daunting if you don’t know what to look for. From choosing the right fits and selecting the right materials, here’s a quick guide on what all clothes men should add to their wardrobe.

Tees and Shirts

Tees and shirts are the backbones of men’s clothing and come in various fabrics, fits and styles. Here are some of the common styles of shirts and tees to choose from:

  • Polo Shirt: A classic style with a collar and two or three buttons, it’s great for casual and relaxed looks.
  • Henley: A classic option in pullover form with one, two or three buttons, henleys are also perfect for casual occasions.
  • Crew-neck Tee: A basic and versatile tee style, the crew neck is a classic that can be paired with virtually anything.
  • V-neck Tee: A top with a V-neck, this kind of shirts became popular in the ’90s, and has been a staple in men’s casual wardrobes.

Bottom Wear

There are a variety of bottom wear styles men can choose from to suit the occasion. Here are some popular options to consider:

  • Designer Jeans: Jeans with intricate designs such as embroidery, distressing, paisley prints and fades are perfect for contemporary looks.
  • Chinos: A versatile and classic option, chinos are always a safe option for any outing. Opt for bright colors for occasions such as summer parties.
  • Dress Pants: Shopping for dress pants is simple with a wide selection of fabrics and fits. Make sure you purchase hems that can be altered for a streamlined, tapered look.


Outerwear is a key component to an outfit, and navy blue is the perfect classic color for a blazer, bomber jacket or coat. Here are some of the most popular outerwear choices:

  • Leather Jacket: A timeless classic, the leather jacket is perfect for casual wear. Refer to a size chart to ensure the perfect fit.
  • Camo Jacket: While a classic leather bomber can be worn all year round, try adding a camo military jacket for a bold and modern look.
  • Denim Jacket: A jean jacket provides a great outer layer to any look, and can be worn over tees and button-ups alike.
  • Pea Coat: Invest in a quality peacoat for winter months – it provides an extra layer of warmth without compromising on style.

It’s easy to find the perfect fit for any man’s wardrobe with a few key pieces. Have fun shopping for your ideal look and enjoy making a statement with your clothes.

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