men dress clothes

men dress clothes

Men’s Dress Clothes

Basic Types of Dress Clothing for Men

Men’s dress clothing serves an important purpose in making a good impression wherever you go. There are several different types of clothing that men should have in their wardrobe to ensure they look their best for all occasions. The following is a selection of the main items of men’s dress clothing that should be considered.


Suits are the most formal type of dress clothing for men. They usually consist of a jacket paired with trousers cut from the same fabric. The trousers and jackets of a suit can also be bought individually. Suits are typically considered attire if worn with a dress shirt, dress shoes, and a tie. The fabric type and color of the suit should be chosen depending on the occasion.

Dress Shirt

The dress shirt is an important item of men’s clothing and is typically worn with a suit or sports jacket. The most formal type of dress shirt is the one with French cuffs and collar, but they are mostly worn on special occasions. The collar type and design of the shirt should be suited to the occasion to ensure best fit and style.

Sport Coats

Sport coats are commonly worn in business and semi-formal settings. They are usually single-breasted and come in a range of colors and fabrics. The sport coat should be tailored to have a perfect fit and should be matched with a dress shirt and trousers for the best effect.


The following accessories help to complete a stylish men’s dress look:

  • Tie
  • Belt
  • Pocket Square
  • Cufflinks
  • Hat/fedora

In addition to this, wearing the right shoes is also important to make sure you look your best in cultured dress clothes.

Article written by: Tricia G.

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